Frequently asked questions

What benefits do I get from being a Social Member?

A social member is someone who is not taking part in training and or club events, but wants to be a part of the clubs social activities. This type of membership often extends to spouses, partners or other family members of full members that want to take part in events or help out with club activities. It could also be for people who want to remain part of the triathlon community but are no longer in competition or training.

What does the Triathlon Australia insurance cover me for?

When you join our club, you also become a member of Triathlon Australia. One key benefit of doing this is that by joining you receive insurance cover. The insurance for an annual member covers you for not only taking part in all sanctioned events, but also covers you in training for these events as well, whether as an individual or as part of a club. You are also covered for any social activities and fundraising as well as at club committee meetings.

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